Las Lomas Computer Programming

The creator of this website is not at all flustered that it took this long for Las Lomas to offer this class.

Certainly this text isn't just a passive aggressive rant, right? Definitely not.

Is the homepage on your website lacking a little je ne sais quoi?

Be sure to add as many obnoxious gifs as possible to ensure your viewer's attention is always held.

Crisp, clean code.

Every program is hand-typed to specifications provided by Mr. Davis.

This link is dead, but lived a full and happy life.


Observe the progress of a diligent student as he explores the world of computer programming with nothing but his wits and extensive knowledge of obscure internet references.

This link leads to a jumpscare.


Given most of the bottom half of this website produced within one 30-minute session, the creator of this website did not have adequete time to come up with a third insightful, sarcastic, or snarky topic to write in this third category. C'est la vie.

This link is dead and will be buried at some point at this webpage owner's discretion.

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